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FILM LOVERS ANNUAL Cooper,Gary & Davies,Marian 1st plate no date. slight wear on spine and covers otherwise VG £20.00
CHARMED LIVES Korda Michael A.Lane 1st 1980 Illus. V.G/V.G £10.00
JAYNE MANSFIELD Mann May Abelard 1st 1873 Illus,V.G/Sl.wear D/J £8.00
MOVIE PEOPLE Baker, Fred (editor) Abelard Schuman 1973 Includes Rod Steiger, S. Lumet, Coppola, etc. One page slightly torn otherwise VG. Slightly torn dust jacket £5.00
SCIENCE FICTION FILMS Cross, R Admiral 1985 M/M. Illus £8.00
ART OF THE FILM Lindgreen Ernest Allen & Unwin 1950 V.G/V.G £6.00
BRAVO MAURICE. Fitton M. Allen & Unwin 1st 1973 Compilation from the autobiographical writings of M.Chevallier.V.G/V.G. Illus. £7.00
HOLLYWOOD AND AFTER Toeplitz, Jerzy Allen and Unwin 1st 1974 M/M £7.00
THE WORLD FILM ENCYCLOPAEDIA Amalgamated 1st 1933 VG £20.00
I REMEMBER IT WELL Minnelli, Vincent Angus & Robertson 1st 1975 V.G/V.G. Illus £8.00
SOPHIA LOREN: WOMEN & BEAUTY Aurum 1984 V.G/V.G.Illus.Large book £7.00
HENRY FONDA: MY LIFE B.C.A 1982 V.G/V.G. Illus £5.00
REX HARRISON Autobiog B.C.A 1975 M/M Illus £5.00
JOAN COLLINS BEAUTY BOOK TY BOOH Collins J. B.C.A 1980 M/M.Illus £5.00
JANE FONDA Guiles F.L. B.C.A. 1981 M/M. Illus £6.00
WIDE EYED IN BABYLON Milland, Ray Bodley Head 1st 1975 Illustrated VG/VG £8.00
SHOWCASES Straus, Dorothy Bodley Head 1st 1975 M/M £6.00
HIS PICTURE IN THE PAPERS . (Douglas Fairbanks snr Schickel Richard Charterhouse (U.S). 1974 V.G/V.G. Illus. £8.00
AN ORDERLY MAN. Bogarde Dirk Chatto 1st 1983 Illus. M/M £8.00
GINGER ROGERS Richards D. Clifton 1st 1969 M/M. Illus £8.00
P.S I LOVE YOU: PETER SELLERS 1925-50 Sellers M Collins 1981 M/M £6.50
YUL BRYNNER Brynner R. Collins 1st 1989 V.G/V.G. Illus £8.00
LEWIS & SYBIL (CASSON & THORNDYKE) Collins 1st 1972 V.G/V.G. Illus £6.00
THE MOVIEGOERS QUIZ BOOK Speed, F.M. Columbus 1st 1985 F £3.50
INSIDE PICTURES Betts, Ernest Cressnet 1960 V.G/V.G. Illus £6.50
BING CROSBY Thomson C. D.McKay 1978 M/M Illus £6.00
GONFESSIONS OF ROBIN ASKWITH Ebury 1st 1999 Illus. V.G/V.G £6.50
ANYTHING FOR A QUIET LIFE Hawkins, Jack Elm Tree 1973 Illustrated VG/VG £6.50
SWINGS & ROUNDABOUTS Douglas Angela Elm Tree 1983 M/M. Illus £7.00
DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS Schickel R. Elm Tree 1st 1976 V.G/V.G. Illus. £7.00
INGRID BERGMAN Russell Taylor J. Elm Tree 1st 1983 V.G/V.G. Illus. £8.00
RUDOLPH VALENTINO Walker Alexander Elm Tree 1st 1976 M/M. Illus £6.50
THIS IS ON ME Hope Bob F.Muller 1954 V.G/No D/J. Illus £6.00
ALWAYS ASK A MAN Dahl Arlene F.Muller 1st 1965 V.G/V.G. Illus by Carol Blanchard £12.00
BING CROSBY: CALL ME LUCKY. Autobiog F.Muller. V.G/No D/J. Illus £6.00
THE FILM OF MURDER IN THE CATHEDRAL. Elliot T.S & Hoellering G. Faber 1st 1942 Illus. V.G/V.G. Rare £30.00
NICE WORK Brunell , A Forbes Robertson 1st 1949 V.G/Sl.Torn D/J. Illus £6.50
HOLLYWOOD GOES TO WAR Donlan, E Gallery 1985 V.G/No D/J. Illus. £9.00
THE BOGART FILE Pettigrew T. Golden Eagle 1st 1977 V.G/V.G. Illus. £12.00
WHOS AFRAID OF ELIZABETH TAYLOR Maddox R. Granada 1st 1977 V.G/V.G. Illus £8.00

124 products found Page 1 of pages 1 2 3 4