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title author publisher year description price
A RUDE AWAKENING Aldiss Brian Weidenfeld 1st 1978 V.G/Sl.Torn D/J £12.00
AN END TO RUNNING Banks Lynn Reid Chatto 1st 1962 V.G/V.G £6.00
BEFORE THE DELUGE Aldanov Imark J.Cape/Book Society 1st 1948 V.G/G £5.50
DIFFICULTIES WITH GIRLS Amis Kingsley Hutchinson 1988 F/F 1st £8.00
GIRL 20 Amis Kingsley J.Cape 1st 1971 Owners inscrip o/w V.G/G £9.00
GIRL IN A SWING Adams Richard Allen Lane 1980 F/F £12.00
HELLO AMERICA Ballard J.G. J.Cape 1st 1981 V.G/V.G. £30.00
HIGH RISE Ballard J.G J.Cape 1st 1975 Ex-lib.Usual stamps but G/V.G. £15.00
I WANT IT NOW Amis Kingsley J,Cape 1st 1968 V.G/V.G £12.00
jonathan livingston seagull Bach Richard Turnstone 1st 1972 V.G/G Illus £6.50
LANDSLIDE Bagley Desmond Collins 1967 Uncorrected proof. Soft cober.Sl.Wear £6.00
RESTAURANT AT THE END OF THE UNIVERSE Adams Douglas A.Barker 1st 1980 V.G/Sl.Damp stained D/J £75.00
SHARDIK Adams Richard Allen Lane 1974 V.G/Tatty D/J £5.50
SO LONG AND THANKS FOR ALL THE FISH Adams Douglas Harmony (U.S) !st 1985 V.G/Sl.Tears D/J £10.00
THE EGYPTOLOGISTS Amis Kingsley J.Cape 1st 1965 V.G/V.G. £15.00
THE JAMES BOND DOSSIER Amis Kingsley J.Cape 1st 1865 V.G/Sl.Torn D/J £30.00
THE LILLY IN THE VALLEY Balzac Honore De Elek 1st 1957 V.G/V.G £7.00
THE MEANING OF LIFF Adams Douglas & Lloyd John Harmony (U.S) 1st 1084 V.G/V.G £20.00
THE PLAGUE DOGS Adams Richard Allen Lane !st 1977 V.G/V.G £9.00
THE SHIPS CAT Adams Richard J.Cape 1st 1977 V.G. Glazed boards £6.50
TIMES ARROW Amis Martin J.Cape 1st 1991 V.G/V.G £10.00
WINTER GARDEN Bainbridge Beryl Duckworth 1st 1980 V.G/V.G £10.00

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